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Everyday - May 26, 2017

Hello hello hello, i’ve abandoned this space for awhile now, and I’m back! It’s been awhile since i’ve sat down to really write, but here I am. Summer is here, or at least it feels like it’s here! School’s out and it’s out for good. I can’t believe i’m saying this, but i’m actually done with school. Oh my.

Definitely not ready to be a proper adult, but hey, the end of schooling days marks the start of something bigger to come, yeah? It’s 8.23 pm here and the sun is slowly beginning to set. It’s been a lovely week of sunshine, and slightly too much heat. But it feels really good, to be out here on the balcony, taking in the bits of sunshine and typing away.

I’ve got no idea what my summer plans will be, but i’m really stoked to be going back to Singapore for just a short bit before graduating officially! whoop whoop! I’ll try to get updates here soon from my trip to Lake District soon.


For now, C.

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