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Coppa Club, & dining in an igloo

Food, London - March 30, 2017

So, imagine my excitement when I saw these little igloos. It’s already pretty fancy to be having brunch with a glorious view of the river…

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Lavender Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies

Food - December 14, 2016

Made these batch of cookies on a whim because why not. It turned out really delicious and aromatic. I tweaked the recipe and added in…

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Crispy Sweet Potato Chips

Everyday, Food - November 16, 2016

While thinking of what to prepare for lunch today, I had a craving for sweet potato chips. Personally, I love sweet potato more than a…

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Making your own pasta dough

Food - November 1, 2016

The best thing about making your own pasta dough is that it definitely tastes so much better, and smoother than store bought pasta. It takes…

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Summer Pokē Salad Bowl

Food - June 19, 2016

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Bourne and Hollingsworth

Food, London - December 11, 2015

Submission’s over and of course one of the first order of business is to celebrate over good brunch. Visited the Bourne and Hollingsworth Building with…

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Pumpkin pie cinnamon rolls

Everyday, Food - November 26, 2015

These are soooooooo good. Made them on a whim this afternoon when I felt like I was in the mood for something warm and autumnal.…

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Blakes London – The Courtyard

Food, London - November 18, 2015

This breakfast/brunch spot is really one of those places where you go there and you’ll constantly find yourself saying, “oh wow, it’s so pretty!”. Apparently,…

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Making Donuts

Food - November 12, 2015

Was on a baking roll today, so me and mich baked up some goodies. We made cookies and donuts! Found the recipe to making our…

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Chia Seed Pudding

Food - November 9, 2015

Really one of the simplest kind of desserts to make. Fuss free and really healthy! All you have to do: Put 1/5 cup of chia…

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Almond Butter Udon

Food - November 3, 2015

So Mich suggested to have this for dinner last night, and the first thing that came to my mind was, “whoa, we can eat mix…

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Autumn Pumpkin Bread

Everyday, Food - November 1, 2015

Get into the Autumn mood with this freshly baked Cinnamon Pumpkin Bread! It can be your comfort go to food, and it’ll go well with…

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Blackbird Tea Room – Brighton

Food, Travel - October 29, 2015

Hidden along one of the small streets in Brighton is this little cafe that props a vintage vibe. We were exploring the shopping streets when…

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Everyday, Food - October 24, 2015

Decided to try something new and cooked up some Miso soba with Salmon fillets for dinner. It was pretty refreshing, so give it a try!…

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Green Juice

Everyday, Food - October 22, 2015

Made this delicious refreshing cup of green juice with Michelle. It’s super simple to make. Here’s what you need: Spinach Leaves Kale Lime Mint Leaves…

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